Monday, September 11, 2006


I have been involved recently with developing pencil concepts for many of my clients. I have found that these recent projects have been a great source of renewed interest in my drawing skills. As you will see, in this Blog entry, what you are given, by the client, at the start of the project, and what you finally arrive at, near the end.... aren't always the same.
The first example shown here was a project for Anheuser-Busch to create a Tapper Handle Design (3-D) for a new "Winter Brew" with a Jack Frost Image direction. My first few emails were more of an exploratory nature, to see if I was on the same page with the client.
There were a total of three pages of rough pencil ideas sent to the client.
The next stage of developement was to push a little farther in another image direction (ie:Super hero, etc.) and see if the Brand Managers liked this approach.


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