Friday, November 03, 2006

Wizard of OZ Concept Sketches

There is a new blog from Blue Sky Studios at that a friend of mine turned me onto lately.
It's a weekly challenge to all the animators at Blue Sky Studio to come up with clever,contemporary visual concepts that are variations on a theme, suggested by the BlogSpot site, created by BlueSky studios. it's ONLY open to their animators, but anyone can view the work, and leave comments. A few artists from the St louis area are doing a similar thing, and posting their work on
The sketches above are my own concept solutions to this weeks BSSChallenge on Wizard of Oz characters... namely "Dorothy"
Wondered what Dorothy would look like with a little scarecrow in the oven???

These are a couple of different concepts with a more urbanlike street appeal. I think she looks pretty hot with short spiked hair
and a tougher cityfied body.
Be sure to check out the BlueSky Blog above and enjoy the work posted there this week on the Wizard of Oz theme. Also... go to the St Louis throwDown Blog to see more original concept art. Until the next Posting, keep drawing!!


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