Friday, November 10, 2006


Todays' posting will deal with the process steps I went through in the creation of an Illustration that eventually was used as a Ltd Ed Litho Print for an annual Running Event in the township of Webster Groves, Missouri.
I was asked to portray the three athletes who were helping to sponsor this event. They were Jackie Joyner Kershee, Craig Virgin, and Ivory Crockett. Each of these talented athletes are world record holders in their own specialty disciplines. The plus side of this project was that I got to meet and have lunch with all of them. A real special experience!!

My typical "first steps" are to doodle around with several very loose, and rather abstract visuals that are rumbling around in my head, as I weigh the direction and approach needed to satisfy the demand of the project.

Once a final visual direction starts working for me, I focus on that particular chosen sketch, and delete all other concepts. Then, I proceed to do a preliminary rough pencil, for client approval. If all goes well, I execute the final sketch to be used in the preparation of the final art.

Whether the artwork will be produced Digitally, or Traditionally, I still need to work out a color sketch of the piece, in order
to be able to move forward towards the finish. This step is often accomplished by simply making a zerox copy of my final pencil art, and using markers, prismacolor pencils, and either acrylics or gouache to punch up the colors, I do a quick rendering, at a fairly small size. Generally at 50% of the original.

I will proceed directly towards the last stage of Digital, or Traditional Tools, after reviewing the color comp with the client,
and dealing with any last minute corrections, that's about it!! This print was produced in Photoshop, using my scanned
image of the line art as a color base. I followed my color comp fairly close, as you can see. Post comments, if you have any
questions. Until my next posting.... keep drawing in those sketch books!!


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