Saturday, November 04, 2006


Today, I will be posting some SPORT ART images from my studio portfolio. All of these paintings were created in the TRADITIONAL METHOD. No digital tricks here.... just paints, brushes, and some good'ol elbow grease.
When I show these to my students at the University, they can't fathom that they were painted without the use of any digital software applications. Here are the following images, starting with several major Pro Sporting events.

These next three images were created for use in game schedule posters for teams in the NFL, MLB, and other poster uses.
The pitcher image was a demo piece done for a seminar given to a group of entry level Illustrators.

The last grouping are all Football related imagery. The Redskins image shown was done as a special Super bowl poster. The visual of the Receiver was more of a generic poster to be used for any needed purpose the NFL deemed necessary. The final artwork posted here today was a special "Monday Nite Football" promo for the Ruby Tuesday Restaurant Chain Franchise.
This type of Traditional artwork can, and still is being created in this modern day of the pixel, I'm glad to say. My only wish is that some of the younger, recent grads out of school would pick up a paintbrush more often than they pick up a mouse!!


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