Saturday, March 03, 2007

Portrait Overview

It has been some time since I've posted anything on my Blog, and I'm glad to be getting back to it!!
I've picked out a number of Portraits that I've created over a long period of time, and thought it would be good to post them and throw them open to comments. So... look these over, check out the mediums used, and get back to me with questions, or comments.
I'll start out with this Terry Bradshaw piece done originally for Conoco Oil and used for the NFL Hall of Fame Induction piece for his Induction into same. It was done using Acryla Gouache, on a gessoed board. Size was approx 28"X36".

Being in the arena of great sport athletes, the next image is of Jerry Rice in his heyday with San Francisco 49ers'. This was a cover for Chelsea House Pub. Medium used was gouache on acrylic geled board. Size: 12"X18".

Walter Peyton, or "Sweetness", as he was referred to in Chicago, by his fans, was a Sports Impressions Collectible Plate project
that was also created with Acryla Gouache on Cold Pressed Illustration Board. This piece was good sized at 20"X30".

Continuing with the athlete theme, and also created for Sports Impressions, is Michael Jordan for the avid plate collector.
This particular product literally "blew off the shelves"! Also painted using Acryla Gouache on Cold pressed board, and is
around 18" in height.

I did this next piece as a demo for the Dynamic Graphics Educational foundation. I worked for their Seminar division for
many years, as one of their Faculty. This image is of Doug Ross, who was an Attendee at several of my seminars, and who
has become one of my dear friends since i did this demo painting of him at DGEF. Gouache on gessoed board, 16X20".

Another cover for Chelsea House Pub, this montague of several Golfing Greats was a real fun piece for me to create for them.
Gouache on gessoed panel, at 16X20".

I'm going to wrap it up today with portraits of Pavoratti, Dr Martin Luther King, and two versions of Mark Twain. Here are those images, and the mediums used were pretty much the same as most of those other pieces pictured above.
Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions. Until the next Posting...


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