Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Journey of the Ant

Last month I had the opportunity to create an Image that will become the visual portion of the label that will be applied to an Insect repellent used to control the local Ant population. The idea was to create an image of a single ant that looked a little scary, but wasn't in the Monster Horror movie imagery. The first stage was rough pencils, shown below.

One of the three ideas was selected, and a final pencil was scanned and emailed for approval....

The next step was to create a full color rendering, which I did using traditional tools and water based mediums on a watercolor board surface. The original artwork was approximately 9 X 12 inches. I made a quick trip to the clients office and delivered the end product.

Apparently, what i didn't know was that the line of products that this client manufactured had a very specific "DIGITAL"
style to all of their Illustrations. Of course, my traditional look stood out in contrast to what was being done by other artists.
Soooooo.... the next phase was to go back to the studio and crank up the "ol computer, and see what I could do to tweek the ant artwork, and make it look like it belonged to the other digital style that was on the product line.
Without having to start over, I scanned my image, took it into Photoshop, and after some serious layering and some slick blending and editing the final result, below, is what was then re-delivered to the client with happy results. Check it out!


Blogger Mark said...

Bill your versatility impresses me beyond belief. You always said that drawing is the key and you walk the walk. Thanks for alway inspiring me!

Mark George
Canandaigua NY

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Oleksandra-artist said...

Great Job!You did not gave up your hand work komplietly,but use it as a base for the digital one..I love the watercolor one beter,..but the final one I agree is better for "commertial" picture.

2:35 PM  

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