Saturday, June 07, 2008

Preliminary Drawings for Three new figure concepts

Now , that my Summer school session has been completed, I hope to move forward with these three figure concepts.
I've finished the pencils on these pieces, and have them on board, ready to go. I haven't worked on any nude figure studies
for some time, so I'm looking forward to having some fun with these. They're fairly large sized boards, so.... if they go well,
I might be able to sell them near the end of summer.

I really am taken with the style of Ashley Woods' recent work. You may be familiar with his "POBOT" series (trade mags),or his "Tank Girl" graphic novels. Very limited palletes, and loosely rendered. I will let his work mentor to me, and we'll see
where it takes me. Here are the three final drawings, on the board, waiting for me to begin.....

i will be adding a lot more posts, as the summer unfolds. I will try to finish these three pieces, and publish the results near the end of this summer. There will be other items, and visuals I plan to place here , long before I finish the three nude series.


Anonymous C. Michael Dudash said...

Bill nice drawings!
Especially the bottom two.....Will wait and see what you do woth these. Keep the brushes loaded.

2:50 PM  

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