Monday, July 14, 2008

My Trip To Michigan over the 4th of July

I went to Michigan (Lakeville/Oxford) over the July 4th Holiday, to celebrate my granddaughter's birthday, and also visit
with my son, daughter-in-law, and my other grandchild, Braden.
She's a Firecracker baby, born on the 4th of July! My son and his family, live right on the lake, with a boat, and dock, so the trip was one that I looked forward to.
I planned to keep a journal, for the entire length of my stay, and have my granddaughter work with me in filling it up
with our daily events. Jacqueline began the book with this cover design, and I'll post as many of the spreads as I have photos of before I had to return home.

Here are the first few spreads by Jacqueline, without any of "Pa Pa's" help.

We worked on the following spreads, on a daily basis. After breakfast, we normally had a chance to sit at the dining room table and talk about each entry, and what we would put on each page.

Since friday, the 4th, was jacquelins' actual Birthday, we held a little pre-party that morning, where she was showered with all kinds of bagged gifts from various family members. She was obviously levitating in her chair, as each gift was opened.

The gardners' came that morning to finish the trimming, and mulching around the outside patio and deck area, and then we made a last minute trip to the Meijers' Store to pick up the cake, and other goodies. All these events are reflected in
the following spreads.

Little, by little, we filled up each spread with images that we thought would record the previous days' events, that
lead to her Birthday party, on Saturday, July 5th, at the lake house. It was a fun time, and a big successful turnout of many
of Jacqueline's school friends. Her brother, Braden, who is three years old, also had a GREAT time at the party!!

I will be getting the final few spreads from jacqueline soon, and plan to add them as a follow-up Posting, so the whole
journal will be complete on my Blog.
That's all for now. I'll be back in a short time with the additional artwork.


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